Gino X Peaches


Honestly this breeding is just simply amazing. I do not even know where to begin this breeding will be the 3rd generation of FPM Kennels.

GIno is my favorite Red male go look around and find me a better looking red nose male. If you find one better I will buy him because I literally searched the whole world to find a red male that is nice as Gino is. He is a very athletic dog with more muscle then I have ever seen before.
  • Male 1- $5000
  • Male 2- Reserved to basem dahroug
Maggie is 1st pick female from the breeding Blade X Minni and her mother Minni was our 1st Pick Female from Phantom X Gina Breeding. The genetics she offers has been hand picked generation after generation from FPM Kennels which makes it that much better because you can't put a price on the 10 years to make this breeding happen.
  • Female 1- Reserved to basem dahroug
  • Female 2- Reserved to basem dahroug